MG Fitness

Online coaching

 Note: If you are from abroad you will be contacted on WhatsApp. If from Denmark on SMS.

“Live fit. Eat healthy. Be happy.”

Online coaching

Customized plans

Through the past couple of years I’ve specialized in customizing meal- and workout plans to specific goals. It’s important for me that they are customized exactly to you so you have the best conditions to reach your specific goal. I take all necessary conditions into consideration when creating your plans: Time and budget for cooking, food allergies and preferences, injuries, home or gym training, and much more.

Your personal coach

I will be your personal coach all the way. Your goal is my focus, and your success is my goal. I will be the one to tell you to put yourself together, and the one cheering you and celebrate when you reach the finish line. I will be your best worst friend!

Personal app

With my personal app I am always by your side. In the app you have everything gathered: meal plan, training plan, personal chat with me, and your weekly tracker so both of us can keep track on your progress. I adjust the plans according to the progress you are making and upload them in the app.

Your new lifestyle

It’s all about balance and creating a new and improved lifestyle. I don’t believe following a strict plan will get you to the finish line of the goal you want to achieve. I believe that by working closely together we can achieve a lifestyle that you can adopt in your everyday life, which will then become your new lifestyle – a lifestyle you can maintain even after your coaching subscription.

Much more than just physical improvement

My MG Girls are not only experiencing a beautiful physical transformation. The real transformation can’t be shown – it’s happening in the head. A big part of my coaching is changing the mental state state. You will feel better about yourself, and you will believe that you can do it! If you do not feel that way, I will help you get the confidence.
With the correct balance between diet, training, motivation and expert guidance you will be able to reach your goals and stay at your goal without the worry of falling back into your old habits. We are working on changing your old habits into new healthy habits.


Begin your journey today

One day or day one? You decide. I have the tools to help you achieve your goals – both physically as well as mentally. Apply for at spot today, and I will contact you about the possibilities to become one of my MG girls.

A passionate coach

Through my experience as coach I have learned that all individuals are different and beginning from a different time and place in their life. As coach it’s vital for me to meet my clients exactly where they are in their life right now, and what obstacles and hurdles they are experiencing. Because only so is it possible for us to create a plan – a realistic plan that I know they can stick to – and which are easy to stick to.
To me it’s all about making the journey towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle fun.
This is the mindset I, myself, live by, and what I, for the last couple of years, have helped my MG girls to follow. I have learned a lot about how our bodies react to different styles of training and dieting. I know what works, I know how to make the journey fun, and I cannot wait to share all this with you

Your succes is my goal

Once we kickstart your journey I will be with you all the way – AND beyond – the finish line. I’m here to advice you, motivate you, and make sure that you are on the right path towards your goal.

As MG girl you are not getting a quick fix. I want to change your life and your mindset – FOR GOOD.

My goal is to change your perspective on fitness and health, but also your perspective of yourself and your body image. I want to make it a part of your everyday, and thereby your lifestyle. I strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle can also be a fun lifestyle.

Just customized plans

If you are not interested in personal coaching with me you also have the possibility to buy a customized meal- and/or training plan alone.

A healthy and good life should be for everyone!

The greatest results I have experienced have been with my MG Girls, as they are kept on track regularly and have been coached along the way. However, there can be various reason as not to choose personal coaching with me at the moment. But my goal is to help as many as possible to become a better version of themselves, and that’s why I offer customized plans without coaching. I have many years of experience in customizing meal- and workout plans matching each individual’s preferences and goals.